Jeff Troupe Delaware Integrative Medicine Testimonial

Jeff Troupe

Got my hair back! Stumbled on this Delaware Integrative Medicine site by accident. It was the best accident that ever happened to me. After a few months of PRP treatment, I started experiencing significant hair growth.

Miranda Norris Delaware Integrative Medicine Testimonial

Miranda Norris

I had this terrible arthritic knee pain. It was so bad I started to limp. My husband took me to Dr. Childers at Delaware Integrative Medicine, to see if regenerative cell therapy was right for me. His knowledge and mannerism really impressed us. I had the procedure with no complication whatsoever. My knee arthritis has resolved.

Rumana Nawar Delaware Integrative Medicine Testimonial

Rumana Nawar

I love how Dr. Childers attended to me in regards to my arthritic shoulder. He minimized my fear, enlightened me on the full procedure, and made me feel at ease. Thank you Doc!

Jenny Jenks Delaware Integrative Medicine Testimonial

Jenny Jenks

Having experienced low self-esteem as a result of patchy hair, someone recommended this practice and I’m glad that I took a chance. The team at Delaware Integrative Medicine were sensitive to my needs. The best part is that my hair is fuller now.

himanshi rana delaware integrative medicine review

Himanshi Rana

At Delaware Integrative, I went in for the PRP therapy for hair loss. My hair was falling off in different directions and I was really scared of going bald. I got my treatment and adhered to the rules set by the therapist and within a matter of weeks, I noticed a sharp improvement in my hair growth and retention.

lynn michaels delaware integrative medicine review

Lynn Michaels

I have been bullied a lot as regards my hair but all that is in the past as Dr. Childers has enabled me regain my confidence by using Platelet Rich Plasma treatment which I all natural. My hair is all grown now and I am more beautiful than ever.

rick bell delaware integrative medicine review

Rick Bell

Dr Childers knows the science of all his treatments and this is the future of medicine. I was told by my former pulmonologist that he could do nothing more for my recurring Pneumonia after two years on antibiotics. It kept coming back. I was scared. The blood infusions from Dr. Childers got rid of it for good. After that, I …