About Delaware Integrative Medicine

Delaware Integrative Medicine is the area leader in regenerative medicine. Serving Delaware, Maryland, and the surrounding areas, Dr. Henry Childers and his team help patients utilize their body’s innate capacity to heal itself to promote overall wellness. Their specialized approach leverages integrative and functional medicine to deliver the most precise and personalized care as possible.  

Integrative and Alternative Medicine In Delaware

You deserve the winning approach to integrative and alternative medical treatment. With Dr. Childers’ personalized care plans, that goal is within your reach. Dr. Henry Childers brings a winning spirit to everything he does, thanks to his background as a professional sailor. That winning attitude permeates his approach to excellence in patient care.  

We pride ourselves on being the authority in treating and resolving the causes of chronic pain. Dr. Childers has amassed extensive knowledge and experience in treating chronic pain by focusing on western orthopedic medicine paired with proven alternative medical therapies. By utilizing a wide range of orthopedic, naturopathic, and conventional medicines, we can help you address your most complex medical issues with the utmost effectiveness.  

Board-certified in General and Cardiothoracic Surgery with advanced certificates in both frequency specific microcurrent (FSM) and ozone therapy, Dr. Childers has long believed that the metabolic roadblock to pain and recovery can be addressed through integrated naturopathic medicine. We are confident in our ability to help you address any medical issues and even resolve some of the most difficult cases of chronic pain. As a fellow of the American Academy of Ozone Therapy, Dr. Childers is co-investigator on the Health and Human Services Institutional Review Board ozone efficacy research study. As an expert in alternative therapies for the treatment of Lyme Disease, Dr. Childers is also one of the only Lyme Literate (LLMD) medical doctors in the region.  


Dr. Henry Childers  is board-certified in General Surgery, and Cardiothoracic Surgery, with advanced certificates in both FSM and Ozone therapy. He is a fellow in the American Academy of Ozone Therapy and is co-investigator on the Health and Human Services Institutional Review Board Ozone efficacy research study. 

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