The V-Shot for Women

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The V-Shot for Women

For 30-40% of women, sexual dysfunction can prevent them from experiencing satisfying sexual lives. The v-shot, otherwise known as the o-shot or orgasm shot, is a non-surgical treatment to improve sexual wellness. This painless treatment does not require medication or downtime.
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How the V-Shot Works

Prior to injection, we apply a numbing cream to minimize discomfort. The injection, made of healing proteins, will be made on the labia and clitoris. This will increase blood flow and generate healthy tissue growth. Overall, treatment time can be 30 minutes to 1 hour or less.
Am I a Candidate for the V-Shot?

Although the v-shot is known for enhancing orgasms, the treatment has many other benefits for women. This treatment is ideal for individuals suffering from:  

  • Sexual dysfunction  
  • Inability or decreased ability to achieve orgasm 
  • Low libido  
  • Lack of sensitivity  
  • Urinary incontinence  
  • Pain during intercourse  
  • Vaginal dryness   

Recovery Period

Patients can expect a quick recovery from the v-shot. Patients may even have intercourse the same day as treatment. However, some sensitivity for a day or two can be expected for some. Results can first be experienced within the 3-days of treatment. Typically, results reach their peak within 3 months. Patients can expect results to last at least a year.
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Side Effects
Most patients don’t experience any negative side effects. However, as with any injection, some temporary irritation or soreness at the injection site is possible.
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Dr. Henry E. Childers, M.D. is happy to provide patients with detailed information, answer all questions, and discuss any concerns. Dr. Childers is a board-certified cardiothoracic surgeon with nearly two decades of experience in vein disease and vein treatment. Because of his past surgical experience, Dr. Childers is intimately familiar with the saphenous vein — the vein most likely to be involved in your vein treatment procedure.

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