Kathy Law

Cancer treatment series, Testosterone pellets –Meyers Coctail; could really feel the boost of the added nutrition within 30 minutes.Very positive experience; never felt better than I did during the integrative cancer protocol, as it was rebuilding my immune system after the degradation of chemo after removal of ovarian tumor the size of a watermellon . I am now 2 years …

Doug Wright

only got recommendations for treatment – How quickly I was able to get in for my appointment. I also loved that Dr. Childers was the first doctor to tell me what I have said to other doctors, “You have to get off omeprozole.”I got no recommendation for how to resolve my Barrett’s esophogus or my Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Also, I was …

Talisa Lewis

Allergy test. – The staff was friendly but the Dr. didn’t know what essential oils were. I thought that was odd.

Thomas Dawe

PRP/Exosomes for ED, Testosterone Pellets, Ozone in spine – Great staff. None of my procedures have been particularly pleasant. Discomfort, not painful per se. I’m very happy with the ozone for my back, pain free. Testosterone pellets have a definite positive effect on my overall health. The jury is still out on the PRP/Exosomes. It’s only been a month but …

Jennifer Marks

Bio identical hormones – I am so happy to have my life back. I have energy to get up in the morning. I sleep well at night. My joint pain has decreased and my mood has improved.

Mary Lou Powers Delaware Integrative Medicine Testimonial

Mary Lou Powers

I can’t say enough about this amazing doctor, Dr. Henry Childers. I went to him to have stem cell therapy for my knees instead of having total knee replacements. He was very impressive, confident and very knowledgeable. I totally identified with him in so many ways. He has a very personable and helpful staff, which should be acknowledged. Thank you …

Seth Quinto Delaware Integrative Medicine Testimonial

Seth Quinto

Dr. Henry Childers is a world-class physician And a Dear Friend of mine whom I swear by for his knowledge, charisma, skepticism and personality. If ever my family or I have a need, his is the counsel I would first seek.